Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 24 – Wider-er is better-er!
using air sanding wheel on edge of front fender in front of door
Like I said — very, very close. But, still, some adjustments here and there are needed. Sometimes it’s sanding, sometimes it’s heating with a heat gun.


picture inside front edge of front fender showing front hidden bolt and headlamp stud witness marks
As I said, installation is the reverse of removal. The front bolt needs to go in before the headlamps can go in.


using stepped drill bit inside front fender
Don’t forget to drill out the holes for the headlight studs.

KBD’s mold for the fenders is pretty thick in the headlight area. You may need to shave some extra material off the back-side of the front fender where the headlamp stud goes through, otherwise, you may not be able to get a nut threaded onto the stud. Or just ziptie your headlights in. Whatever.


closeup of front tire sticking past front fender
That tire looks like it’s sticking out past the fender. But the car hasn’t been aligned and I have no idea how much camber it’s carrying, and this is in full droop. Fingers crossed, or I’ll be putting over fenders on my over fenders…


front bumper sitting on ground in front of car
The front fenders were pretty easy, and then it was time for the front bumper.

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