Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 24 – Wider-er is better-er!
heating angled pick with torch
Since the bumper is polyurethane, it melts. Trying to mark the bumper behind the stud strip was proving to be a little annoying, so this was a really fast way to really make a mark.


wisp of smoke as hot pick goes through bumper
It neither sizzled nor smelled like bacon, I assure you.


un-squeezed pop rivet inserted into hole in bumper with stud strip
A quick hit with the drill bit to enlarge the hole, and then use a pop rivet to secure the stud strip to the bumper.


cutting into the bumper with a sawzall
H Craft had made a cool handle to unlatch my trunk, but keeping it required cutting a little slot out of the top center of the rear bumper.

The rear bumper basically pushes on at this point, although the stud strips can be a little frustrating to line up. Patience and pry bars…


plastic body panel clip holding bumper slightly hidden by trim gasket
The holes on top of the rear bumper use these OEM-style clips to hold it in place. One of the benefits of working with a real body shop is that they have all forms of these clips handy.

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