Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 24 – Wider-er is better-er!
stenciled strip of metal laying on ground
This is what the cut and bent strip looks like. But it’s not quite finished.


man using cut off wheel to notch metal strip
The strip is then notched in several places to make it easier to fit to the hole.


tack welding strip into place
Then the notched strip is beat into position and tack welded in place.

This gets you pretty close. As you can see the strip ended up being cut into small pieces but it was mostly accurate. This is not a quick job to do right.


using a thin air grinder to smooth out the welds
After all the little pieces were tacked in place, and the final seam welds were done, Bryson got to work cleaning up and smoothing out the surfaces.


inside of quarter panel welded closed and ground clean
The clean, smooth surface is now ready for paint.

Wait, paint? This is all hidden!

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