Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 34 – Cameras are rolling, copy that.
really long radio kit wires unfurled on floor
The car kit has PLENTY of cable length. You will be able to mount this just about anywhere.


dmc crimper, pliers, side cutters, wire strippers, dtm connectors laying on granite countertop
You’ve seen this many times before.

My car already had a Deutsch DTM series 2-pin connector on the radio button side, so I simply attached the mating connector to the Racing Radios harness.


3M 250-250 dual lock
This is 3M dual-lock. It is STRONG.

I’m serious. This stuff is hard to separate. You stick a little bit on a thing, and then stick a little bit on a surface, and push them together. You may never get them apart if you use too much. I didn’t want the body of the car kit to go anywhere, so I used a tiny piece of this inside the cabin and a tiny piece on the car kit body.


scotch hook-and-loop tape
I used a little bit of hook-and-loop on the IMSA female connector.

It’s nice to attach that bit to the car loosely so it’s not flopping around. It makes things easy when you’re getting all wired up.


can of CRC brakleen
Tape doesn’t stick to dirt. Make sure you clean your surfaces well.

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