Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 34 – Cameras are rolling, copy that.
circular tripod mount next to camera
One of the mounting accessories the camera comes with is this little tripod-type mount.

Conveniently, this uses the “standard” attachment for action camera mounts, which means that the John Freund Racing camera mount will easily attach to it!


action camera on long arm mount attached to roll bar
This is the custom camera mount from John Freund Racing.

To figure things out, I held the camera in the car and used the camera’s WiFi and the phone app to determine where I wanted the camera placed. That let me measure how long of an arm I needed. Then I told John what I needed and my roll bar tube size. John printed it up and sent it to me in a few days.

When it arrived, I simply attached everything, double-checked where I had the camera pointed, and was off to the “races”. Easy peasy. But how to power the camera?


cylindrical 3-port usb power adapter in a a little cardboard box
USB has become a ubiquitous form factor for both charging and data transfer.

That means there is a plethora of aftermarket 12V-USB charging devices of all shapes, sizes, and types. My phone uses the Qualcomm quick charge standard, so, why not choose a quick charge-capable adapter?

This 3-port adapter can be used to power, unsurprisingly, three cameras via USB. Time to cut giant holes in things.


cylindrical usb adapter laying on workbench top next to securing ring
I measured the barrel with a digital caliper and then tried to find a hole saw that was the right size.


punch, hammer, and small wood block
Punch a small hole, drill a tiny pilot, then get to the hole saw-ing.

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