Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 34 – Cameras are rolling, copy that.
looking between driver seat and roll bar at radio kit and wiring
You can see the radio kit mounted to the floor.

You can also see how the IMSA connector is attached to the roll bar, conveniently located. Also, look at how awesomely the Sabelt harness’ little loops help attach the cord to the harness. This way it can’t get too far away.

With everything in the car and wired up, I turned on the radios, grabbed a friend, and pushed the steering wheel button.




back-side of steering wheel wiring
This is the back-side of the steering wheel buttons.

I did some checking with a multi-meter and determined that the radio button was not actually shorting the pins together. It was connecting one side to the ground. I consulted the original wiring schematics for the car, and the button was designed correctly. Tom and I just didn’t wire it correctly.

Fortunately, there were spare conductors in the curly cord, so some careful work with a razor (to remove the glue) and a soldering iron (to attach a different conductor) and a re-pin got things back in business.


looking at the back-side of a Cobra FRS/GMRS radio
The old Cobra radio wasn’t designed for car mounting.

I looked at some roll bar radio boxes, and they were ludicrously expensive for just being small metal things. After some thought, I decided that a 3D-printed radio box should totally work. I had already been in talks with John Freund Racing about a custom camera mount, so I asked him if he could copy some of the radio box designs. He agreed to take on my stupid cheapskate project, but he did an awesome job!


black 3d printed c-shaped radio box
This is the back-side of the radio box.

It has a square post and comes with a tube clamp for whatever size your roll bar tubing is. The nice thing about the square post is that it allows you to mount the tube clamp in multiple orientations.

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