Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 34 – Cameras are rolling, copy that.
usb adapter lit up in dash reinstalled in car
Let there be lights!

I ran a long USB cable from the adapter along the transmission tunnel, up the roll bar, and connected it to the camera. I then programmed the Smartwire to power the charger whenever the rest of the primary engine management electronics are on.That way the camera will power up and start recording as soon as I try to start the car. Which is exactly what you want, since the camera should be recording if the car is running! Success. Maybe.

The reason that I say maybe is that, when I got to VIR, it turned out that the alternator was dying. The alternator dying involved putting out way-too-low voltage. This apparently caused the USB charger to get angry and potentially do weird things to the USB output voltage, which made the camera start and stop randomly.

On top of that, I also used a new memory card without testing it first, and it turned out to be too slow to record HD video. So, while the camera generally worked awesome in the pit, I got no quality track video from this outing.

However, I did get a good video with the Intrinsic camera from Carolina Motorsports Park last season, so, I leave you with that:

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John Freund Racing

Intrinsic Products

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