Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 34 – Cameras are rolling, copy that.
radio backside, strapped into radio box with paracord
The radio drops into the box and some paracord wraps around it and through the clip.

You can see the bar mount in the back.


radio box on roll bar with radio kit wires visible
A little fiddling and a slightly longer piece of paracord and two small extra holes and I was in business!

This is what the complete radio kit looks like when it’s all hooked up.

FRS/GMRS doesn’t work great. Communication from the track to the pits was somewhat useless unless you were pretty close — on the front straight, more or less. Racing Radios has much better units, both standard-type radios as well as portables. I’ll definitely be upgrading.

With communications sorted, it was time to address the camera mount situation.


white camera box and printed pamphlet
This is the OnReal B1KS+.

It’s a 4K-capable action camera. It has one key feature that makes it really useful for motorsports, though. It will start recording as soon as it gets USB power, and then stop recording when the power goes away. This means that, with a USB adapter tied to your IGN, the camera will always be recording when the car is running! If you’ve ever forgotten to start your camera before going out on track, you won’t have to worry about that anymore with the B1KS+. It’s basically an action dash camera!


inside of camera box, molded accessory compartments, on carpet
The camera comes with some expected accessories, but also some unexpected ones.

With hard power, it doesn’t much matter that it comes with an extra battery, but that’s a nice touch. It includes a few mounting adapters and mounts. It uses the “standard” mounting system that is out there, so many accessories for competing cameras will also work with this camera.

The camera comes with a wireless wristwatch-style remote, but it also supports WiFi control via an app for your Android or iOS device. It’s really a neat package, and the price is very compelling compared to motorsports-specific cameras that are nearly 2-3x the price.

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