Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 34 – Cameras are rolling, copy that.
wood laying on top of a small craftsman toolbox
Two pieces of wood allowed me to rest the dashboard panel on something and not drill holes into other things.


ragged hole in aluminum dash panel next to janky hole saw bit
Here is the ugly hole I managed to make with a not-so-great hole saw and a hand drill.

It would’ve been better to use a press and clamp the panel to something, but, unfortunately, I don’t own that stuff. At least the lip of the USB charger would hide the mess.


small tube of blue thread locking compound
Why not put a touch-o-the blue on it?


dash panel with smartwire remote switches, other rocker switches, and new usb adapter
That doesn’t look so bad, now, does it?


techflex wrapped mini harness with dtm and push on connectors
I made my own sub-harness to connect the USB charger to my car.

This still allows the dash to come out by itself without having to remove a ton of cables from the car. Power, ground, check! A quick reprogram of the Racepak Smartwire and we were good to go.

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