Project Sim Racer: Part 1- Building the Rig


The G920 wheel is constructed really nicely. The hand stitched leather is nicer than I have on any of my real cars right now! In fact, I think this setup is probably nicer than even my SC300 race car…

Given that Logitech controls really are so ubiquitous, it’s no surprise that the GTA-F cockpit has mounting accommodations designed especially for them. Let’s look at how they come together.

All of the connections come together nicely underneath the steering wheel.

The wheel has two “external” connections: power and USB. The USB unsurprisingly connects to your PC, and Logitech provides a nice software suite to adjust some of the settings for all of the devices. However if there’s USB, why is there also power?

While USB connections can provide limited power at 5 volts, the force feedback motors in the steering wheel require a little more juice. For that there’s a typical power cord/brick with a small DC plug that you see pictured here.

The pedal assembly and the Driving Force shifter attach with D-sub connectors here as well.

The G920 wheel attaches right to the GTA-F steering wheel mount.

The Logitech wheel is designed with flexibility of mounting in mind. It comes with a screw/clamp-type mounting assembly that can be used to secure the steering wheel to a wide array of surfaces, from this slim/thin mounting plate to a thick dining room table. While the clamp works very well, there’s another option that we’ll come to in a moment.

Here’s the underside of the G920 pedal assembly.

Logitech designs with flexibility in mind. Since the G920 is targeted at a wide audience of both gamers and hard-core enthusiasts, the pedal assembly comes with both grippy rubber and a retractable tooth-y assembly to grip both hard (wood, laminate) and soft (carpet) surfaces.

As you can also see, there are bolt holes for attaching to things like our GTR Simulator cockpit. You may have also noticed these holes in the previous picture of the underside of the G920 wheel.

The Driving Force shifter.

The shifter, as mentioned earlier, is an optional accessory for the G920 wheel and pedal set-up. It provides a standard “h-pattern” shifting experience complete with 6 gears and a push-in-for-reverse gear. Like the wheel, it offers both a clamping option as well as bolt-on attachment from underneath.

Metric hex cap bolts from your local hardware store.

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