Project Sim Racer: Part 1- Building the Rig


The Logitech and most other control manufacturers include M6-1.0 bolt holes on their equipment, allowing for the controls to be more securely mounted to things. Logitech provides a PDF mounting template as well as instructions on what length bolts to use in relation to the thickness of the mounting surface.

I think that these 20mm bolts might be a touch long, but that’s nothing that a few washers couldn’t fix.

GTR Simulator provides pre-drilled holes to attach the G920 and other wheels.

The GTA-F cockpit has mounting holes pre-drilled everywhere for the G920 and other wheels, pedals, and shifters. This was a super easy bolt-on affair. I decided to use hex cap bolts instead of socket caps because I’m a narcissist and like to make things hard on myself. I’m also cheap.

The pedals are bolted to the pedal plate.

Here you can see the bolts going through the underside of the pedal plate to secure the Logitech pedals. You probably could get away without bolting the pedals on, but it is not recommended. If you mash the brakes hard enough, you could push them right away from you, and that’s no fun!

Everyone needs a big roll of hook-and-loop fastener.

Once you get all of the controls bolted to the cockpit, you have a mess of wires running everywhere. The shifter and pedals both have wires to connect to the steering wheel, and the DC power and USB from the wheel have to go somewhere, too.

A roll of hook-and-loop fastener from your local hardware outlet is really handy for cleaning things up.

Cleanly routed wires are happy wires.

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