Project Sim Racer: Part 1- Building the Rig


The Acer Predator X34 is truly an amazing piece of technology. In a special class of displays, the X34 is considered an “ultrawide”, with a 21:9 screen size ratio. Most wide-screen televisions and displays are 16:9. But this ultra wide 21:9 format is actually really great for gaming and especially for driving. It lets you see a lot more of what’s around you on a single display.


34 inches of UltraWide curved QHD resolution.

The X34 is a 4k display. It sports a maximum resolution of 3440 x 1440. That’s 4.95 million pixels of viewing pleasure. Even the stand is downright sexy. It’s sturdy and adjustable, too. But, something looks a little funny from this angle.


The Predator X34’s 3800R curve.

From this top view you can tell what’s “funny”. The X34 is actually a 3800R curved IPS display. “3800R” means that the curve radius is approximately 3800mm. If you kept putting monitors side-by-side, eventually you would form a perfect circle with a radius of 3800mm, or around 12.5 feet. With a street price of nearly $1,100 it would be a struggle to get three of them to fill out the triple stand, let alone make a 12 foot circle!


Attaching the monitor onto the stand on the ground makes life easier.

If you remove the top half of the GTA-F monitor stand, it’s much easier to attach the display. Acer ships the monitor with curved styrofoam pieces in the box, which can be used to rest the display “face down” while attaching the monitor stand to its back.


The monitor stand’s top half is then reinserted into the bottom.

Once the display is attached to the stand, it’s a trivial matter of sliding the top half back into the bottom half.

The stand  that the Predator comes with uses the same VESA-format mounting that the GTA-F stand is designed for, so attachment is a simple bolt-on affair. While the display’s back panel has a VESA form factor, the curvature of the monitor’s case could make attaching some mounts difficult. Acer is kind enough to include an adapter plate that offsets from the monitor, and it comes with hardware, too. The way the GTA-F stand is designed it could bolt directly to the back of the monitor, but this is not recommended.

I never understood why anyone cared to have USB ports on a monitor… until now.

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