Project Sim Racer: Part 1- Building the Rig


Cut some strips of the hook-and-loop fastener and wrap it around the cockpit to secure the wires. Pick routes that make sense. With the wires neatly routed and secured you don’t have to worry about getting tangled in them when you get in or out of the cockpit. And it looks neat…er.

Here is the completed cockpit, minus the monitor stand.

Technically the GTA-F cockpit’s monitor stand is an optional accessory. If you had a TV on an entertainment center or some other arrangement for your display, you would be good to go at this point. But, you know we like more here at MotoIQ.

The GTA-F triple monitor stand is an optional accessory which can accommodate up to three 24” or three 36” displays.

Much like the rest of the cockpit, the monitor stand also comes flat packed and ready to assemble with socket cap screws.

Fully assembled and ready to accept a monitor.

The monitor stand assembles quickly and easily. Just pop off two plastic covers from the GTA-F cockpit and the monitor stand slides into it. Then you can bolt up your display.

And with that, we’re just about ready to go racing. Tune in next time when we unbox our display and get to driving!

That’s a big box!

Display technology has really come a long way in the last few years. So what’s in the box?


Enter the Acer Predator X34.

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