Project SR E30: Part 6 – Catch Can, Plumbing and Throttle Cable
Welded AN bung on an intake pipe
We then welded the AN bung onto our intake pipe.
SR20 E30 custom catch can system
We went ahead and assembled all the hoses. It’s a lot of hose, but somehow it still looks clean!

Those of you who have been paying attention might have noticed that we are missing something from our intercooler piping. The IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) tube! We didn’t tackle the issue at the time because we were trying to find where we can obtain a hose nipple to weld on to the cold pipe.

Cutting off IACV hose nipple from an SR20DET cold pipe
Unable to find a hose nipple, we sacrificed the original cold pipe from our S13 to get what we need.
Marking IACV nipple hole location in an SR20DET cold pipe
After cleaning off the old paint, we marked the hole and welded the nipple onto our intercooler pipe.
Cleaning an intercooler pipe
Now that all the intercooler piping is finally done, we can assemble it. However, first, we must THOROUGHLY clean it all out! All the cutting and welding leaves the inside of the pipes coated with aluminum chips which will eat your engine up! We sprayed the inside of the pipes with brake cleaner and then used a string tied to a microfiber towel to clean out the pipes before final assembly.

When we were locating the engine to make motor mounts, we pushed the engine as far back in the engine bay as possible. This left us with a bit of a problem as we ended up pushing the back of the head into the heater pipes sticking out of the firewall.

SR20 E30 heater hose clearance problem
How are we supposed to fit a hose on this?

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