Project SR E30: Part 6 – Catch Can, Plumbing and Throttle Cable
Now we were presented with a bit of a problem. The factory Nissan clevis pin has the cable crimped to it. This meant that in order to utilize it we would have to drill out the cable and the try and solder in a new cable. Luckily, we discovered that one of the clevis pins for the cruise control on the E30 was the exact same diameter as Nissan and had a through hole!
We were just able to push the cable through the BMW clevis pin and then lock the cable in place using the supplied cable lock nut!
We set the tension on the throttle cable and thoroughly tested the throw. It’s important to make sure that you have adequate throttle travel when doing custom swaps because different throttles have different lever ratios. Our travel ended up being just perfect, however, to hit WOT you have to overcome the factory BMW automatic kickdown switch, which is quite stiff. We will remove the switch later to allow smooth throttle control all the way to WOT.

The plumbing ended up being more straightforward than we originally anticipated. With that done all that’s really left until we can start the car is wiring and fluids. Look forward for the next article where we will finally have our first startup!

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