Project SR E30: Part 6 – Catch Can, Plumbing and Throttle Cable
To make the throttle cable we bought generic cut to length kit. These kits are typically designed for carbureted applications but can be easily modified to suit any setup.
The first step is to mount the cable sheathing. Each end of the sheath has lock nuts that allow you to clamp it on any piece of sheet metal. We utilized a large fender washer to allow us to clamp it to the factory throttle cable hole.
Next, we installed the lock nut on the factory SR20 throttle cable bracket. With that done we mocked up the cable sheath and cut it to length using an angle grinder.
Now we can feed the cable through the sheath! Installing the clevis on the throttle pedal was fairly straight forward.
We ran the cable over the throttle lever and trimmed the excess length. 

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