Project SR E30: Part 6 – Catch Can, Plumbing and Throttle Cable

The next step was to make a custom clutch line. This was hilariously easy. We got some string and mocked up the clutch line routing. We then measured the length of the string and just ordered a premade -3 AN brake line and some adapter fittings.

SR20 E30 custom clutch line
The line we got is a 36″ -3 AN brake line with a straight and a 90-degree fitting. In order to connect it to the clutch MASTER cylinder, we got a -3 AN male to 10mm x 1.0 male bubble flare adapter fitting. To connect to the clutch SLAVE cylinder we got a -3 AN to 10mm Banjo and 10mm x 1.0 Banjo Bolt.
Custom SR20 E30 clutch line routing
We routed our line underneath the engine and rivnutted a couple of Adel clamps to the subframe for extra points.
E30 power steering reservoir with relocated brake master cylinder
Next, we installed the power steering reservoir. Our brake master cylinder was moved thanks to the custom brake booster. This presented a few fitment issues with the PS reservoir. Thankfully we were simply able to bend the factory mounting bracket to slightly adjust the PS reservoir position.
SR20 E30 custom power steering hoses.
For the power steering lines, we simply went to our local hydraulic supply store. We handed them the banjos and told them the length we wanted. They crimped some new hoses for us and welded on banjos where necessary.
SR20 E30 custom power steering hoses installed
It’s important that you use the factory banjo bolt on the power steering reservoir. The OEM banjo bolt on Nissan pumps has the pressure regulator built into it, so you can’t replace it with a generic banjo bolt or adapter fitting!

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