Project SR E30: Part 6 – Catch Can, Plumbing and Throttle Cable
3/4" mandrel bent aluminum pipe
To remedy this problem we bought a 3/4″ aluminum 180 mandrel bend.
Mocking up SR20 E30 heater line mod
We sliced the 180 in half to get two 90’s out of it. We also shortened the heater lines to mock up the tubing.
Modified SR20 E30 heater lines
Then we simply welded the bends onto the existing heater tubing! Note the weld beads around the end of the tube. This bead keeps the hose from popping off the tube under pressure. You can simply stack some dimes on the end if you don’t have a bead roller.
Modified SR20 E30 heater lines
The bends make it really tricky to insert the lines through the firewall (especially once you put the grommet in). We had to twist them all around and do each line one after the other.
Modified SR20 E30 heater lines with hoses installed.
And Bam! Look at all that clearance.
E30 brake booster relocation kit.
Next, we installed our 2002 BMW brake reservoir relocation kit. This relocation is so common on E30’s that we even managed to find a nice bolt in bracket that allows us to mount the brake reservoir to the OEM airbox mount! This made installation a breeze, and the plumbing was pretty straightforward too.

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