Project STurdteen: Building the SR20DET Engine

The Teflon lightly touches the crank counterweights.

Howard had to lightly trim the windage tray for clearance to the girdle. You should always make sure that nothing interferes with the windage tray while installing it.

Now Howard bolts the windage tray down to the main girdle.

The windage tray has scoops that suck up the oil cloud and diverts it to the mesh which helps take the air out of the oil so it can drip back to the pan.  In an SR20 we have seen 4-5 more hp at high rpm and 10 degrees cooler oil. SR’s have a hard time with oil control and keeping the rod bearings alive so having a good supply of oil is critical.  We addressed this with a baffled high capacity oil pan, improved oil feed to the rod via the main bearings and the windage tray and scraper.

Now the head studs are installed with the JE head gasket.

Our refurbished head is put in place next.


  1. For competition engines, I prefer not to use them because they are torque to yield and they stretch and take a set. They can only be reused maybe once and it’s a good idea to change them every time on a serious engine.

  2. for the mains, did you guys use arp’s torque spec or something else? I always thought it was a bit high

  3. Are you modifying the upper oil pan to clear the windage tray or did you find/make a spacer? the jet nuts on my tray touch the upper pan and require me to mod my pan.

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