Project STurdteen: Ultimate Drift Suspension with Parts Shop Max, Part 1


The great thing about PSM is that their R&D efforts take Formula D’s tech standards into consideration. The design conforms to FD’s suspension and independent secondary brake system rules.

The PSM rear knuckles are designed to fit Z32 two piston calipers but can also be fitted with Wilwood and other popular calipers with optional adaptor brackets. The rear knuckles eliminate the need for backing plate-type secondary caliper brackets and offer a simpler and much stronger way to mount your drift brake. The knuckles can also accommodate the z32 drum style parking brake.

The PSM knuckles come with pressed in spherical bearings that eliminate squishy rubber bushings that allow flex that can compromise your alignment settings and cause unpredictable handling. 

The most innovative feature of the PSM Limit Break drop knuckle is this unique pivot point that allows changes to the location of the toe link outer pivot. This is built into the drop knuckle. 
The Limit Break toe control brackets work in conjunction with PSM’s rear drop knuckles and allow for zero toe changes or toe-in adjustments.  The brackets are bolted into several different hole locations in the Limit Break drop knuckle so that several different toe curves can be set.  

Toe-out, neutral toe and two levels of toe-in curves can be set depending on what hole location is chosen on the knuckle and toe rod on the bracket. The ability to adjust toe curves quickly is a huge advantage for both drifting and grip driving, as it greatly affects how the car reacts to on and off throttle input.

We would not hesitate to use these rear knuckles on a grip car at all. 


The swaybar offset chassis bracket kit includes the brackets, hardware, and a half cut tubular reinforcement. This kit allows the swaybar to be shortened to move the ends inboard, allowing for maximum tire clearance at high steering angles. 

Many other drifting angle kits simply remove the swaybar, but this is detrimental to handling. The bracket kit can remove up to 38mm off the sway bar width which also stiffens the sway bar torsionally.

PSM's rear lower control arm is made from tig-welded Japanese seamless DOM steel tubing. It is angled in a way that places the adjustment perpendicular to the car at ride height, allowing for proportional and linear adjustment of track width and camber.

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