Project STurdteen: Ultimate Drift Suspension with Parts Shop Max, Part 1


PSM's rear low friction spherical equipped bearing toe rods have the option to come with the fork removed (see above) and are thus specifically built to be used with the Limit Break rear knuckles. There is a forged clamping rod end receiver with a double threaded adjuster for quick toe adjustment on the fly without the need to detach the toe rod from the chassis.  

The adjusting nuts have an allen bolt clamp in them that will ensure that the adjuster will never come loose. The adjuster threads are also super long with lots of overlap, permitting safe adjustability over a wide range. 

These PSM traction rods are equipped with low friction bearings and are adjustable for length. This allows the rear knuckle to move forward or backward under compression- depending on the chassis set up guy's specific needs, furthering the ability to dial in suspension geometry and alter the toe curves. 
These are the forged clamping lock nuts on the traction rod which prevents the PTFE lined low torque spherical bearings from coming loose. The clamping lock nut is faster and easier to use than conventional lock nuts- just loosen the allen bolt and turn them by hand.  

The traction rods are reverse threaded so they can be quickly adjusted without being unbolted at the ends. This speeds trackside adjustment and repair from battle damage.

The fork-style knuckle side mounting bracket is laser-cut and has a gold chromate zinc plated finish for corrosion resistance.
The rear upper control arm, when used with PSM drop knuckles clears almost any type of axle and CV joint parts combinations. Many other upper arms have trouble clearing heavy-duty Drive Shaft Shop axles with 930 style heavy-duty CV joints, for instance, when installed with other brands of drop knuckles.

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