Project STurdteen: Ultimate Drift Suspension with Parts Shop Max, Part 1


The spherical bearing locking collars are all forged for strength, along with a chrome molly tapered spindle rod. The lower arm is equipped with buttery smooth low friction PFTE lined spherical bearings. The PSM RLCA is TIG welded by hand and boasts 3-stage copper paint with rust resistant gold chromate zinc plating on the hardware.

The extended length on the Limit Break tie rods works great with the PSM Limit Break extended track width front lower control arm and steering angle knuckles.

The precision Teflon lined spherical bearings used on the PSM Limit Break extended tie rods replace the OEM style plastic lined joint that is typically used in OEM and other types of tie rods for the inner tie rod pivot. This advanced design promotes greater strength in the joint and more direct steering feel. 

The PSM Limit Break steering rack to inner tie rod mount offset spacer simply adjusts the pivot points of the inner tie rod, pushing it forward 36mm. The offset spacers have a zinc coating for corrosion resistance, along with a lip around the edge to allow a steering rack boot to be zip-tied on if needed.

The tie rod spacers help reduce tie rod over centering which can cause steering bind and sticking at the limits of steering lock. The spacers also reduce an excessive build up of Ackerman angle at the limits of steering lock which can result in the car drifting offline inwards and doing slow unrecoverable spins at high drift angles. 

These PSM steering rack spacers reduce excessive Ackerman at the extremes of steering lock by locating the steering rack as far forward as possible. The steering rack spacers take the place of the stock rubber steering rack bushings and eliminate the soft rubber, improving steering feel as well. It is recommended that these spacers be used when the super high angle Limit Break series of parts are being used to keep the steering geometry true. 

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