Project STurdteen: Ultimate Drift Suspension with Parts Shop Max, Part 1


The upper arm adjuster carrier is forged as one piece and is 5mm thick for maximum strength and is equipped with a pinch bolt so it will not come loose. The upper arm is used to adjust camber, so it uses PSM's quick adjust double threaded adjuster collars. The collars are set, so the amount of thread overlap is the greatest when camber is set at zero for maximum strength. Zero rear camber typically works really well for drift cars. 
The PSM front super angle knuckle retains the OEM front to rear caster position of the axles and increases the steering rack motion ratio by moving the tie rod pick up point inward for quick high angle steering.

The knuckle allows for 45mm roll center and bump steer correction when used with the PSM Limit Break lower arm and up to 70 degrees of steering angle with PSM’s limit break supporting parts. The knuckles also lower the car 25mm without loosing travel with an upward offset axle location. 


The PSM front knuckles are forged as one piece for strength and are not cut and welded like many other high-angle knuckles are. The knuckle is ready to bolt on as-is. When the car has stock to high positive caster settings, these knuckles help create snappy transitions and an overall improvement in handling. These knuckles and the rest of the Limit Break kit can be adjusted for great handling in grip driving as well!

PSM also makes a high-trail knuckle that works with lower caster settings that give smoother, transitional handling and reduces front wheel layover at high steering angles that are induced and exaggerated by high caster angles. This can reduce mid-turn understeer under very high angle drifts. The high trail knuckle is also easier on the power steering system. This works because the self-steering forces are generated by the trail instead of caster and kingpin inclination, so the steering does not need to fight to lift the weight of the entire car as the wheel is turned. 

Both knuckles work well but we prefer the traditional OEM trail location knuckles for our personal preference in setup. We prefer the self steer feeling, snappy transitions and high impact initiation of the OEM spindle for our power level on a short course. The fluidity offered in the trailing spindle is more appropriate for the higher power machines that steer with the rear of the car & get judged upon the ability to fill outer zones consistently.

The PSM knuckle is made of forged steel and also has CNC-finished mounting surfaces for precise location of bolts and pivot points. This will also allow for good fitting, easy installation. The entire knuckle is plated in corrosion-resistant zinc chromate as well. 
The PSM Limit Break one-piece, dual caliper drop rear knuckles lower the car 25mm without compromising rear wheel suspension travel and corrects the roll center on lowered cars. The PSM Limit Break drop knuckles also promote even tire wear by reducing camber gain upon compression. This is critical on a drift car. Correcting the roll center height makes the car less twitchy under drift and also helps on corner exit stability in grip driving.

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