Project STurdteen: Ultimate Drift Suspension with Parts Shop Max, Part 1


The Limit Break top plate adapter will work perfectly in conjunction with KW Clubsports that are planned for this build as well as PSM's own in-house brand of coilovers.

The top plates allow for a huge amount of adjustment in caster, camber and kingpin angle, giving the suspension set up guy a tremendous about of set up flexibility. The PSM plates have more adjustability range than any on the market.  

Without this top plate spacer, your life will be made a living hell.  In order to get the car to drive, you'd have to do some serious cutting into the strut tower for clearance. The upper mounts have a lot of articulation to reduce spring binding at extreme adjustment angles. 

Now that we have all the super rad, pro level Parts Shop Max components, we can finally take the steps in building a proper drift car. Parts Shop Max parts have been proven at the highest levels of pro drifting by Team Falken's Matt Field. We also feel that most of these parts will work exceedingly well on a grip S-chassis. 

If these parts have any drawback, it is that they allow so much flexibility in adjustment that an inexperienced installer might be able to really mess up the car through an inproper setup. The big advantage is a knowledgable setup guy can make the car do just about anything possible in a driver and judge pleasing way!

The suspension is being completely overhauled in the Turd – I will be putting on some KW Clubsport coilovers and Progress Sway bars soon. In conjunction with the PSM suspension parts, this Turd will blossom into a beautiful, sweet handling beast. Stay tuned!



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