Project V8 RX-7: Part 15 – Major Suspension Overhaul with KW Suspension, SuperPro and Improved Racing Components


This little stopper just braces the snout end of the master cylinder to give your foot a little extra to push against.


Improved Racing’s strut tower brace installed.  The sticker was a our own touch.


Part III: A Few Good Bushings

Up next was the dreaded bushing replacement.  Changing bushings sucks!  You get all greasy, you’re handling dirty parts on the underside of the car you might as well forget it if you don’t have access to a press–you’re gonna F something up!  Even with a press you have to get pretty creative sometimes if two of the bushings you need to remove run along the same axis–which happens frequently on control arms for example that move!

Choosing new bushings for our RX-7 however was easy, SuperPro makes a polyurethane replacement for everything on the car and in the rear an entirely new lower control arm—saving time and money pressing in and out 6 bushings, 4 of which are those expensive aforementioned pillowballs!

We got the full bushing replacement kit for the front and rear and a set of prototype rear lower control arms (top left) that replaces the stock unit entirely.  Swaybar bushings, front swaybar endlinks and steering rack bushings are also included in the kit.


A closer look at the Super Pro polyurethane bushing.. You can’t really tell from the photo but the inside of the bushings have knurled voids to retain grease so you they stay lubricated longer.  Super Pro also offers optional offset crush tubes (pictured) for dialing in even more camber outside of the stock adjustment range.


SuperPro FD RX-7 Bushing install upper front control arm

Here we have a decroded looking front upper control arm with the solid delrin bushings we thought were a good idea several years ago to have in our daily driven FD.


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