Project V8 RX-7: Part 15 – Major Suspension Overhaul with KW Suspension, SuperPro and Improved Racing Components


pressing fd rx-7 super pro bushing upper front control arm

Here’s where the getting creative part comes in.  Maybe creative isn’t the right word…   Here’s when it’s a good have someone in your life with a press and a big pile of various sized metal tubes and bar stock that are just a little bit bigger or smaller than the bushing you’re trying to press in or out of whatever suspension piece it is you’re working with.  In our life, as you should know by now, that someone is Howard at Technosquare.


Care must be taken pressing out bushings, if something’s not aligned just right or one of your pipes is slightly off you could pretty easily ruin your expensive aluminum suspension arms.  Then you’d have to go buy a shiny brand new one and it wouldn’t match your other decroded parts–this will not go unnoticed at your next import showoff.


The new SuperPro polyurethane bushings compared to the old delrin pieces.  If you look closely you can see that the one delrin bushing is galled and out of round perhaps from poor lubrication or binding.  It’s good for noise and slop now.


We pressed the new bushings in with an arbor press–just to show off.  We could have used a press but the poly bushings go in a lot easier and this press doesn’t require a lot of pumping.


That wasn’t too bad.


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