Project V8 RX-7: Part 15 – Major Suspension Overhaul with KW Suspension, SuperPro and Improved Racing Components


One upper front control arm down, one more to go..



Take a moment to appreciate our genius here!


Not gonna lie, those took a while!


On to the rear, the upper control arm has 3 regular bushings we’ll be replacing and 1 pillow ball we’ll be replacing with new SuperPro components.


And there it is complete.  The new pillow ball replacements reuse the stock dust covers.  We used the standard crush tubes first; if we cannot dial in enough negative camber within the stock adjustment range we will swap out the standard crush tubes with the offset tubes.


SuperPro saves us some effort on the lower control arms by just replacing the whole dang thing!  This is a prototype we’re testing out that may change before final production.


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