Project V8 RX-7: Part 15 – Major Suspension Overhaul with KW Suspension, SuperPro and Improved Racing Components


All of the bushings in the rear lower control arm are the pillow ball type from both the factory and SuperPro.  Replacing the entire arm makes sense and saves the end user a lot of trouble.  We wonder if it would hurt to move that center bushing inboard (to the right) a little more to increase clearnance for wider wheels just like the Improved Racing trailing arms did.


The SuperPro replacement rear lower control arm installed.  From this angle you can kinda get an idea how the trailing arm limits inboard wheel clearance.


We didn’t mention it before but SuperPro also makes upgraded front and rear swaybars for the FD RX-7.  We already have a solution for the front and we may not need the additional roll stiffness out back but we did want to give the rear bar a try.


The rear swaybar has two positions for adjusting stiffness.


…and is quite a bit beefier than stock.  We apologize for not having dimensions to compare.


The rear bar retains all the stock mounting points.


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