Project V8 RX-7: Part VI – Installing the E-Rod LS3


t-56 magnum transmission and McLeod throwout bearing

Throwout bearing installed, the transmission is mated to the bellhousing and our drivetrain is ready!

There are a handful of companies that offer subframe mount kits for shoehorning LS engines into RX-7’s, but the one we found to be the best engineered and most comprehensive of the bunch is manufactured by Samberg Rod and Custom based in Pleasanton, California.  Justin Samberg, the founder, manufactures all his kits in house and can provide everything from the bare bones subframe to rear differential cradles.  Samberg also offers complete cooling systems, bumpsteer correction kits, driveshafts and pretty much every other accessory you’d need to complete your swap.  We purchased an engine subframe, transmission mount, bumpsteer correction kit and a throttle pedal mount for the new drive by wire pedal included in the E-ROD kit. We have yet to make a final decision on which rear differential to use so we held off on ordering from the applications Samberg offers.

Samberg FD RX-7 LS engine mount kit
Samberg’s engine subframe, transmission mount (bottom) and drive-by-wire throttle pedal mount. Samberg’s parts are shipped as bare metal; we had our kit powdercoated black by Embee Performance.

The parts are delivered as bare metal but that was quickly remedied with a trip over to Embee Performance for powder coating.

The Samberg subframe is designed to work with inexpensive biscuit style motor mounts and Corvette engine pedestals, which we picked up from the nice folks at Street & Performance.

Biscuit motor mounts from Hotrod Lane
Biscuit style motor mounts (left) and Corvette engine pedestals (right) are simple, relatively inexpensive and work perfectly in conjunction with our Samberg engine mount kit.

For the weight weenies out there, the Samberg subframe weighs in at 18lbs.

Samberg LS engine mount subframe and E-ROD LS3
We chose to first bolt our subframe to the engine with the plan being to lift the entire assembly into the chassis rather than bolting the subframe in and lowering the engine into place from above. 

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