Project V8 RX-7: Part VI – Installing the E-Rod LS3


The last of the Samberg stuff to be installed under the hood is the new bumpsteer correction kit.  The kit is nice because it uses cotter pins on both ends of the stud—more peace of mind!  The kit also includes steering rack spacers that allow raising the steering rack mount height if more correction is needed.

Samberg bumpsteer correction kit
We also picked up a bumpsteer kit from Samberg to help correct the steering geometry of our lowered RX-7.


Samberg steering rack spacers
Placed between the Samberg subframe and the steering rack, optional Samberg steering rack spacers were also used to further correct our rack alignment.

Removing the old tie rod ends from our RX-7, Howard showed us a neat time saving technique for popping stubborn tie rod ends out of the uprights—just give ‘em a quick pop with an air hammer and they fall right off!  Voila, no more shredding your boots with a pickle fork or fumbling around with a puller!

Howard's trick to removing stubborn tie rod ends
Howard’s trick to removing stuck tie rod ends–zap them with an air hammer!  [Note to Coleman: there’s your next Wrench Tip!]


Tie rod side of the Samberg bumpsteer correction kit installed.
The tie rod end of the Samberg bumpsteer correction kit uses spherical bearings.


Samberg bumpsteer kit upright side
Samberg’s heavy duty bumpsteer kit installed on the upright requires no spacers and uses cotter pins on both ends–this thing ain’t falling off!


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