Project V8 RX-7: Part VI – Installing the E-Rod LS3


Because the lower control arms of the RX-7 attach directly to the engine subframe we initially needed to remove the suspension to mount the new engine and subframe.  The Samberg subframe comes with larger offset camber bolt washers than stock and they must be welded onto the stock bolts before reinstallation on the lower control arms.  The larger washers allow for a greater range of adjustment than can be achieved with the stock camber bolts.

Camber bolt washers that come with the Samberg kit
Larger washers are used with the Samberg subframe to increase the overall size of the camber bolt.  The ones that say “WELD” on them are welded to the stock camber bolts while the unmarked washers with the “D” shaped holes replace the factory washers.


Welding the Samberg camber bolt washers to stock rx-7 camber bolts
Samberg camber bolt washers are welded to the stock RX-7 camber bolts.


welded Samberg camber bolt washers
The Samberg camber bolt washers welded to the factory RX-7 camber bolts.


Camber bolts installed and lower control arms reinstalled we’re almost ready to move the RX-7 off of the lift!


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