Project V8 RX-7: Part VI – Installing the E-Rod LS3


To make room for our steering rack lines we will need to clearance the AC bracket slightly.


trimming the AC compressor bracket to fit the power steering rack
Howard shaves down a corner of the AC compressor bracket to make room for the fittings on the power steering rack. 

On the underside of the engine there’s a little interference between the fittings on the RX-7’s steering rack and the mounting bracket for the AC compressor. A couple of minutes with our cutoff wheel took care of that.

all trimmed up
This is all we had to trim off of our AC compressor bracket in order to make the fittings on our power steering rack fit.  Using a Corvette front accessory drive kit instead of the CTS kit we used can render this a non-issue.

We were also a little concerned about the possible ground clearance of our Quicktime bellhousing whose mating surface flange is perfectly round as you can see in the photos below.

Howard eyes the flange of the Quicktime bellhousing
Howard eyes the flange of the Quicktime bellhousing, planning his attack on the half inch thick metal.

Once again, our handy cutoff wheel and a big ass right angle grinder made quick work of that offending protrusion and gave us peace of mind that we won’t be testing our bellhousing’s strength on parking lot speed bumps or scraping Botts’ Dots off the 405!

Howard attacks the Quicktime bellhousing flange with a cutoff wheel
Howard starts off with the cutoff wheel removing most of the flange that hangs past the bottom of the pan…


Howard grinds on the Quicktime bellhousing flange
…and smooths the rest down with the right angle grinder.


finished product
The end results have the pan sitting flush with the oil pan.


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