Project V8 RX-7: Part VI – Installing the E-Rod LS3


Samberg drive by wire throttle pedal bracket and E-Rod drive by wire throttle pedal
While it’s not that complicated of a part, Samberg is the only company we are aware of that  provides a bracket for mounting the LS3’s drive-by-wire throttle pedal.

Inside the car, we mounted the last component of the Samberg kit–the drive-by-wire throttle pedal bracket.  Unlike the RX-7 and earlier LS engines, the LS3 uses a drive-by-wire throttle cable so we had to remove the stock RX-7 pedal and install a drive-by-wire throttle pedal that came with the E-Rod kit.  Samberg is the only swap kit company we are aware of at this time that offers a bracket to easily mount the new pedal.

That about wraps up the first part of the installation of our E-Rod LS3 into Project V8 RX-7!  With the engine and transmission no longer taking up valuable floor space at Technosquare stay tuned for our next installment of Project V8 RX-7 when we’ll start tackling the wiring!

our E-ROD LS3 installed


E-ROD LS3 wiring harness
This isn’t going to be nearly as bad as I’m making it appear in the picture 🙂


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