Project Viper GTS: Part 5 – Radiator Fan & Wiring Upgrade


On the driver’s side below the Power Distribution Center (PDC) and ECU is a ground wire on the rocker panel.  The ring terminal was low quality and quite soft and could be upgraded with our new ring terminal (right).

Gound Wire stock

Pulling back the plastic sheathing, the wires were wrapped in a sticky and deteriorating tape.

Ground Wire Fixed

Following the wire procedure of crimp, solder, and wrap; we fixed up our ground wire to be better than new.


Following the same procedure for our new Raychem-wrapped 10 gauge ground wire for the fan, the new grounds will last far longer with greatly improved performance and reliability.

Power Wire

Next we wired the 12V power line for our fan following the same steps to make the wiring protected from the elements, fatigue, and creating the best electrical conduction possible.


We crimped, soldered, and shrank the Deutch pins onto our 10 gauge power and ground wires.
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  1. Radiator fan wiring upgrade they auxiliary relays what wires output to the fan either number or color it’s not clear thank you for your help

  2. Have a customer with a 96 wanting to do this upgrade to his cooling system, any idea where the cooling fan may be available?

  3. That’s weird. I’ve always been taught to crimp ring terminals on the cut side, so it forms a B-type crimp that secures the wire. Well, whatever works!

  4. good evening i have a 1999 viper GTS and i just got the radietor from you do u by any chance sale the hole kit for the fan to make it work better please let me know so i can buy ti thanks

    1. What temp does the fan kick on? Did you change the low or high speed fan temp threshold by flashing your ECU? If you’re tripping the 60A circuit breaker, then you need to troubleshoot and find what is causing the excessive amp draw.

  5. Is the Bosch relay with the 332 209 151 number the same relay? Stats look similar to the one you have installed

    1. Those appear to be 30A relays vs the 50A relay that I used. I would recommend using the part number for the 50A relay.

  6. can u send me more detail about the wires evething look nice but i can not see every cable where they go to make shure i conected right i need the order or a better pictures can u send me a diagram i got all the parts thanks

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