Project Viper GTS: Part 5 – Radiator Fan & Wiring Upgrade

Circuit Breaker Wired

With the above steps complete, our main power and ground wire is connected to the circuit breaker.  We will cut the wire to length and add a Deutch connector once the fan is mounted in the car and the proper length to the power lead that we made is set.

Circuit Breaker Gap

Here we can see the ¼” gap to the shroud from the delrin spacer which serves to further insulate the electronics from heat.

Circuit Breaker Pink

Since the circuit breaker is mounted fairly low in the engine bay, to quickly see if it has been tripped, we painted the reset lever bright pink.

Fan crimp wire soldered

We cut the three wires from the fan to the factory plug and crimped and soldered wires to each end, which will power the fan through our new wiring and use the existing plug as triggers for our new relays.

Fan Shrunk

After being crimped and soldered, we again used adhesive-lined shrink wrap to seal the connection and to prevent it from being stressed.
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  1. Radiator fan wiring upgrade they auxiliary relays what wires output to the fan either number or color it’s not clear thank you for your help

  2. Have a customer with a 96 wanting to do this upgrade to his cooling system, any idea where the cooling fan may be available?

  3. That’s weird. I’ve always been taught to crimp ring terminals on the cut side, so it forms a B-type crimp that secures the wire. Well, whatever works!

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