Project Viper GTS: Part 5 – Radiator Fan & Wiring Upgrade

Heatshield Shroud

We applied Thermaflect cloth on the inside face of the shroud to further reflect heat off of the shroud where the electronics are mounted.

After everything is mounted, it’s time to do some wiring; the right way.

Wire Strip

The 10 gauge MIL-spec wiring should be more than sufficient to carry the load of the new fan.  Wrapped in ¼” chemical-resistant Raychem shrink tube and sealed from the elements with a small strip of adhesive-lined shrink tube (that melts to a hard plastic-like seal), we stripped the wire to prepare it for our ring terminals.

Wire CrimpStep 1:

Using the right tool for the job, our Paladin crimper uses the proper amount of force to secure the wire without breaking the strands.

Ring Terminal crimp

After being crimped, the ring terminal is ready to be soldered.

Ring SolderedStep 2:

In addition to the crimp, we further improve the electric conductivity and durability of the connection by soldering the wire to the ring terminal.

Ring ShrunkStep 3: 

If the crimp or solder wasn’t enough, to top it all off we used adhesive-lined shrink wrap to isolate the connection from the elements and to take any stress off the crimp and solder and distribute it to the wire itself.

Doing things right always takes more time and any of the three processes could have held the connection in place by themselves.  Having done all three, it is nearly fail-safe.  There’s a reason why motorsport-grade wiring harnesses costs thousands of dollars and no job is too small or insignificant to do it right.


  1. Radiator fan wiring upgrade they auxiliary relays what wires output to the fan either number or color it’s not clear thank you for your help

  2. Have a customer with a 96 wanting to do this upgrade to his cooling system, any idea where the cooling fan may be available?

  3. That’s weird. I’ve always been taught to crimp ring terminals on the cut side, so it forms a B-type crimp that secures the wire. Well, whatever works!

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