Road Trip: 24 Hours of Nurburgring


nurburgring grandstands
Before the race, you can walk the paddock and check out the cars.  Wait, is that Bill Caswell?


girlsgirl at the ring
The only time at a motorsports event where girls outnumber guys 4:1.Hopefully they didn't import her from America… I love the creeper in the background and the girls making duckface on the right.


“Save it, don't sell it” signs were everywhere.  The gov't has the Nurburgring Nordschleife up for grabs to the highest bidder so if you haven't gone by now, you may be SOL.


This Götz Motorsport VW Scirocco GT24 placed 64th overall but 5th in the SP3T class.  Their fastest lap was #70 of the 73 they completed.


Since the field is so large, teams have much less space to work than usual. I'm sure they love the hoardes of people getting in the way too!


start of race
The first few laps of the race looked like the road to the Ring or parade laps.


porn carporn car
This BMW 130 i is outfitted in a typical German paint job. This team doesn't have sponsors but every year they find some porn chick to pose for their stickers. Distraction technique?

At 60 laps completed, she wasn't the fastest ride out there but off the track…

BTW, I think that's her above in the patriotic outfit. Airbrush anyone?


This is one of many campsites on the way to the Ring.  Looks a little like a drunk circus of shiny happy people.


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