Road Trip: 24 Hours of Nurburgring


And DNF'me.  I can't imagine how disappointed teams must feel to work so hard to get to the Ring and not be able to finish.  Plus, since you share those driving duties with 3 others, I am sure there's lots of finger pointing (the middle one) going on towards whoever effs up. At least on the inside!

Ferrari F458
The only Ferrari 458 Italia managed a fastest lap avg speed of 9:04.285 at 167.855 (10 of 46), and probably would have been a contender…


BMW Mini
Schirra Motoring BMW Mini JCW, 4 of 13 laps. Schirra entered two Mini's. Five Mini's attempted the Green Hell and 3 finished. You do the math.


DNF #26
DNF BMW Sports Trophy Team BMW Z4 GT3; 39 laps completed.


DNF #2
Prosperia C. Abt Team Mamerow Audi retired with a broken suspension after Chris Mamerow went off on standing water.


Porsche 997 GT4
The Porsche 997 GT4 qualified 50th but failed to finish the race. 


There are vantage points everywhere along the track and it's all accessible (no press pass needed) with some good trekking shoes (driving shoes don't cut it) and I'd also recommend a good rain coat! Don't be *that* jackass opening an umbrella in someone else's view!


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