Road Trip: 24 Hours of Nurburgring



In it for the long haul! I think Bill is in the tent…


Dörr Motorsport GmbH Toyota TMG GT86 Cup, 94th overall, 3rd in V3 class (of 8), 17 of 68.


Renault Clio
Raceunion Teichmann Racing Renault Clio, 108th overall, 7th in SP 3 class (of 11/7), 8 of 65.


Focus vs. Peugeot 208
The Peugeot Automobiles Peugeot 208 GTI placed 44th overall and 3rd in class (SP 2T) against the Ford Focus RS placed 121 overall, 2nd in a class.


End of the straightaway earlier in the race.


beer at nurburgring
This was not an “official” bar but one of the many groups of spectators with their priorities straight! Bitburger- a step down from Reissdorf but at least fully stocked.

And to the winner's circle!!!

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