Road Trip: 24 Hours of Nurburgring



991 vs. 997

#53 is a Porsche 997 Cup which placed 36th overall.  It's 2nd lap (of 79) was the fastest.

#49 is the Porsche Center Väst Porsche 991 Carrera, 58th overall with 73 laps. 


1st in class

This BMW 135D GTR placed 105th overall but 1st in class (of 3) with 65 laps total. Behind him is the #200 Team AutoArenA Motorsport Mercedes-Benz C 230, 51st overall and 2nd in class (of 8) with 74 laps completed.


late fast laps
Talk about slow to find some speed. The #54 Black Falcon Team TMD Friction Porsche 911 GT3 Cup placed 29th overall with it's fastest lap 76 of 80.  The #305 Opel Astra OPC Cup placed 47th overall with a fastest lap 74 of 75. 

And a few last in class finishes… 

last in class

#150: Raceunion Teichmann Racing Renault Clio: 108th overall and 7th in class (of 7 finished…).


last in class
This 370Z placed 120th overall and 16th in a class of as many finishers (SP 7); 59 laps total.

Besides Bill, I was also attempting to meet up with Paul St. Claire, my former Nissan Motorsports contact now at AEM. He was crewing (which he indicated pre-race meant he might change a tire or something) for the GT-R that was qualified 26th and was up to 19th place early on only to be stymied by of all things, an OEM coolant hose. Boom goes a head gasket and the team replaced the entire engine (an 8 hour job somehow completed in about 3 hours…) only to go back out on track in 160th place to get less than one lap before the flag of doom- more on that later.  In the end, they finished 148th and managed 136th overall after cars that couldn't complete the last lap were accounted for. Not bad overcoming a 3 hour tour…

Check out the home built wooden “grandstands” in the background. As the weather grew colder/wetter, those grandstands became bonfires.


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