Ryan Passey’s Amazing Miata


The rear suspension has been extensively modified with V8 Roadsters Pro Series spherical bearing equipped tubular control arms bolting to the stock uprights.

A 14mm 5X 3-way adjustable rear sway bar is used with solid spherical bearing equipped adjustable endlinks.  The arms and swaybars are all fully adjustable for stiffness, toe, and camber. The excellent factory Mazda geometry is retained.

Supermiata XIDA 3-way adjustable stocks are used with 600 in/lb rear springs fitted with a 160   in  /lb tender spring.

The remote reservoirs for the Supermiata XIDA 3-way adjustable dampers are mounted to easily access the high and low-speed compression damping adjusters.

The lightweight alloy cased differential is from a CTS Cadillac. It is fitted with a Getrag G80 clutch type limited slip differential and has a 3.42 final drive ratio.

The heavy-duty axles and rear hubs are stage 2 parts from V8 Roadsters. The driveshaft is also from V8 Roadsters.

The front suspension features V8 Roadsters front control arms with the upper arm being their X-Lite billet model while the lower arm is their Pro-Series Tubular part.

Like the rear arms, the front parts pivot on spherical bearings. The stock knuckles are used and retain Mazda’s excellent geometry. Like the rear, the front rides on Supermiata 3-way adjustable coil overs with 1300 lb springs.

The front suspension’s Supermiata XIDA dampers have the reservoirs mounted to the front tubular frame structure for easy access for quick adjustability at the track.



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