Ryan Passey’s Amazing Miata



A handheld fire extinguisher meets the rule’s requirement of having something to put out fires.

A 2.5 lb Battery Tender LiFePo4 battery in a custom aluminum bracket easily powers the car despite its super light weight.  The master cut off switch is located by the battery.

The lightweight carbon kevlar doors are made by CCP Fabrication.

The Hyper Miata’s aero package is a design collaboration between Ryan and Blackbird Fabworx being built by Ryan but using a lot of Moti Almagor’s experience in making low drag but high downforce bodywork.

The front splitter is made of aircraft birch plywood and carbon fiber with aluminum used for the side extensions, and end plates. The canards are carbon fiber.

The front bumper opening is shaped to maximize stagnation pressure to make the splitter more effective and leads to a sealed duct feeding the radiator. A large K&N air filter takes advantage of the cool air under positive pressure found here. The filer leads to a 3″ intake tube that goes to the cars throttle body.



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