Ryan Passey’s Amazing Miata


Singular Motorsports made the hood lovers that allow high-pressure air in the engine compartment to escape upwards.  The radiator duct vents upward through the louvers as well.  The hole in the hood seals around the carbon fiber intake manifold plenum cover.

The hood itself is made of lightweight carbon fiber and has the headlight doors integrated into it.

The front splitter side extensions are made of aluminum and have a stagnation plate to improve the effectiveness of the splitter.  The canards are custom made out of carbon fiber.

The side aero has the sides of the unibody, the front fenders and rocker panels modified for better exit airflow from the wheel wells and to be able to flush fit the stainless exhaust. The exhaust uses lightweight Magnaflow race mufflers and was fabricated by Ryan using Vibrant V-bands and 2.5″ stainless tubing.

The Chevy LFX engine does not have conventional exhaust manifolds as the exhaust manifolds are cast internally as passages in the head.  This means that the exhaust downpipes bolt straight to the cylinder heads instead of having headers.

The barge boards on the side of the car keep airflow from curling under the car and causing lift.

The rear wing is a carbon fiber CFD optimized part by Kognition with a 69″ span, basically the same part used on our project FR-S.

The wing sits on Singular Motorsports mounts and uses Singular Motorsports end plates.

The trunk lid is made of superlight Dibond.  This is a composite material made of polyethylene sandwiched between two think aluminum skins. The trunk lid has an integrated spoiler built into its rear section.



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