Ryan Passey’s Amazing Miata


The brake and clutch pedal are stock Mazda.  The throttle pedal is the stock GM drive by wire part.

A Sparco R353 steering wheel on an NRG quick release hub is used on the stock steering collum with a 2″ spacer.  This is so the driver’s seat can be set back farther.

The engine is coupled to the wheels via a GM/Aisin six-speed transmission from a Cadillac CTS using a Spec Aluminum flywheel and a heavy duty Spec stage 1 clutch with a solid hub organic faced disc.  The shifter is a V8 Roadsters part especially designed for the swap kit.

A Racepack IQ3S dash display relays information to the driver and holds logged data.  An AIM Solo takes care of lap data.

This carbon fiber panel on the stock center console has all of the car’s electrical control switches as well as the adjustment knob for the Wilwood proportioning valve.

The AEM Wideband Air Fuel ratio meters monitor the left and right cylinder banks simultaneously.

Ryan built the cars wire harness himself and it is a very clean job, notice how every wire branch is accessible and labeled for easy troubleshooting.



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