Ryan Passey’s Amazing Miata


The rebound damping adjustment on the Supermiata front shocks is located on the top.  Ryan has installed a cable driven remote adjuster so the rebound adjustment can be quickly made in a stop and go pit stop without opening the hood.

Here is the front rebound adjuster poking out from the front wheel wells where they can be reached in seconds.

The front sway bar is a 1.25″ in diameter tubular piece with a 0.188 wall thickness, blade type, 5-way adjustable part from Karcepts.  It was originally designed for a late model ND Miata but was adapted to fit.

The front brakes are Stoptech with their STR42 4-piston Trophy front calipers squeezing 11″ ventilated, full floating rotors and alloy hats. Stoptech SR33 compound pads are used.

The wheels are 15×10 949 racing 6UL parts with a 25 mm positive offset.  The wheels are flow-formed and very strong despite weighing in at a feathery 13.6 lbs each.  The tires are BFG Rival S 1.5’s in 245/40-15.

Brake cooling is handled cleanly with the air being extracted by this NACA duct from the baffled passage feeding the radiator



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