Sneak Peak-Tanner Foust’s 2015 VW Passat Formula Drift Machine!


As the header nears the collector, it become a true bundle of snakes.  An 8-1 header becomes advantageous in a 90 degree V8 engine as cylinders 4 and 7 can be contaminated on overlap by exhaust pulse reflections from other cylinders in a traditional exhaust system.  The 8-1 system prevents this. The longer runners help low end torque and produce a very unique exhaust note.
The header is ceramic coated by Embee inside and out to help control underhood heat.  The team reports that the coating makes a huge difference.  This is important due to the proximity of the tubes to the front end accessories and the long time periods that a drift car must idle and consequently heat soak after a hard run.
The header has a merged collector with a 3.5 inch choke.  The primary tubes enter the collector in sequence according to the firing order so no cross contamination can occur.  In fact, this arrangement can improve scavenging over a traditional collector arrangement. The team admits that  the primary tubes are somewhat longer than the calculated ideal but feel the 8-1 concept pays off with better midrange torque and a wider powerband.
The custom 4″ intake was dyno tuned for optimal length.  The team reported that the LS7 was not very sensitive to intake tuning compared to many other engines.  Perhaps the 8-1 long primary header has something to do with this. The engine produces 690 hp and 583 lb ft of torque. With a nitrous system controlled by the AEM Infinity ECU, the car puts out over 850 hp.
A serpentine belt arrangement drives all of the typical accessories like the water pump, alternator and power steering.  A Dailey dry sump is driven by a cogged belt behind the ATI super damper. Most of the top drift cars are dry sumped as they are now pulling G's well beyond the capability of a typical wet sump system's ability to provide safe oil flow to the engine even in conjunction with bandaids such as Accusumps and baffled pans.

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