Sneak Peak-Tanner Foust’s 2015 VW Passat Formula Drift Machine!


The rear tinwork has beautiful workmanship. The rear firewall keeps the fuel system separate from the driver's compartment as per FD rules.  The bulge in the firewall is to allow for additional air to reach the radiators when testing showed that the twin side vents were not enough to maintain cooling flow.  The first metal box contains the dry sump tank while the second contains the battery.  Both are mounted into the floor as low as possible to help keep the CG low. The white bottle provides halon for the Firesafe fire system.  The roll cage is very compete and greatly stiffens the car's body structure.
The front of the cage gives plenty of triangulation for driver protection and body stiffness.  A lightweight race steering column holds the Sparco steering wheel.
HANS compatible Recaro seats with head protection and Shroth harnesses protect the driver.  FD has mandated the use of the HANS device since last year.  A fresh air system provides Tanner's helmet with filtered fresh air. You can see how the top halo of the cage is reinforced with additional bars rally style.  Check out the cool quick release for the steering wheel!
Looking forward you can see the diagonal bars American road race style.  These bars are mandated by FD rules but surprisingly WRC rally cars don't use them. 
These decorative gussets couple the cage to the unibody and give some nice branding.  You can see how the driver's seat is set back way past the B pillar for improved weight distribution.  This is somewhat unusual for a drift car as many drivers don't want to be set back as they say it ruins the feel for how much angle the car is getting and where the back of the car is.  Apparently Tanner is unphased by this.
The stock dash is only a shell in place for FD rules.  A Plex SQM-500 dash display helps Tanner keep track of the cars critical functions. 

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