Sneak Peak-Tanner Foust’s 2015 VW Passat Formula Drift Machine!


A KRC power steering pump drives the steering system.
The team has completely refabricated the Passat's front suspension to the point that nothing from the stock car remains.   The front knuckle is fabricated from plate off road style and contains a Toyota bearing system. The knuckle has been designed for the correct roll center and to reduce bumpsteer as well as to maintain correct Ackerman and reduce tie rod overcentering.  The Passat and Fredric Aasbo's Scion TC run the same front knuckle which makes things easier for the team as far as spares and familiarity. The Passat has been converted to front steer just as Aasbo's TC as well and uses the same steering rack.
The lower control arms are completely refabricated to provide clearance for extreme steering angles. The vertical rod couples the arms to the high mounted anti sway bar.  The steering rack is from a Toyota Supra and uses variable power assist.  The variable assist solenoid is controlled by the AEM Infinity ECU.  Look at the suspension pick up points in double shear, a cool feature often ignored in race cars. 
More and more drift cars are going to extremely wide front track widths.  This not only helps handling in drift but also provides clearance for the front wheels as many of today's drift cars are pushing nearly 70 degrees of steering angle.  Formula D rules forbid the alteration of the strut tower tops past the OEM bolt circle so many teams are now building camber plates that are offset and under the shock towers to control caster and steering axis inclination.  RSR single adjustable coilovers are used, the same as the team's TC.  As per FD rules, the front unibody has been cut off at the forward most suspension pickup point and replaced with a tubular structure to allow for better access when maintaining and adjusting the car and for better crash repairability in case something happens to the car on track.  A semi tubeframe construction is typical of a Pro Drift car nowadays however FD rules stipulate that a lot of the stock unibody has to be retained.
As per FD rules, the rear suspension and crossmember must stay in the stock configuration. The only alterations allowed are ones to make room for the installation of a stronger differential or in this case a differential where there wasn't one previously. The suspension pick up points can be moved one inch in any direction.
The rear spindles are fabricated from plate, off road style.  The fabrication of the car is top notch and much of it is off road inspired. 

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