Sneak Peak-Tanner Foust’s 2015 VW Passat Formula Drift Machine!


The dash display is a Plex SQM-500, a brand that most of us in North America are not familiar with. The SQM-500 is both a user configurable dash display and a data logger.  It is compatible with just about all Motorsports ECU's and can communicate with OEM CANBUS protocol. Being CANBUS it can log an an almost unlimited number of channels. 
A MoTeC switch panel keypad controls much of the car's functions via a CANBUS to the MoTeC PDM for nice clean wiring. The adjustment knob for the brake bias and fire system activation is found here as well.
The car has a MIL-spec type wire harness with all the good Deutsch connectors GP Motorsports, Raychem wiring and heat shrink tubing. Expensive but money well spent.  Wiring is so critical for a reliable race car and it is amazing how many teams ignore it.
An AEM Infinity ECU controls the engine, power steering and nitrous systems.  Power handling is done via twin MoTeC PDM15s.  The PDM revolutionizes how race cars are wired by eliminating fuses, relays and power distribution panels.  All outputs can be programmed with custom operational protcols.  All race cars need this!  Look how clean the wiring can be.
The car's interior tinwork is beautiful. With the exception of the front windshield, all windows are lightweight lexan.
The dry sump tank is mounted low for CG reduction.  The fuel and oil lines and the main wire body harness are run under a false floor on the passenger side of the car.  All lines are lightweight XRP kevlar braided hose.  This saves a significant amount of weight over traditional steel braided line. 

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