Sneak Peak-Tanner Foust’s 2015 VW Passat Formula Drift Machine!


Tanner rows the G-Force GSR internal linkage tranny through a Long shifter.  The GSR is an extremely strong but lightweight 4-speed dog shifted circle track race transmission.  The internal rail shifter makes shifting much more positive. The transmission is fed power via a Tilton triple disc clutch.
At the car's initial debut at Long Beach we were very impressed by how good the car looked on its first outing.  It was apparent that Tanner was a bit rusty at first but he improved with every run until he was pretty much driving in good form by the end of the first practice day.
Here is the swan neck wing.  It got knocked off when Tanner hit the wall in the first practice but it was immediately back on the car due to the sturdy mounting system.
Like all Tanner Foust Racing machines, the Passat is immaculately prepared and beautiful.  The car has a Rocket Bunny wide body kit that is well integrated into the cars styling but still has the unique Rocket Bunny signature look to it.
The front end of the car has a splitter.  Believe it or not splitters actually help on a drift car, especially at some of the high speed tracks like Road Atlanta, Seattle and Irwindale. 
A rear view of the car displays the wideness of it and just how large the rear tires are on the Passat's body.  The car ran well during it's first competition outing and it was apparent that it will soon become very competitive as the team and driver work towards dialing it it.

The brand new Tanner Foust Racing Rockstar Passat ran strongly through the entire Formula D weekend with no major mechanical problems.  Although he initially looked a bit out of practice, Tanner quickly adapted to the world of modern drifting with pro cars sporting huge grip and 800 plus horsepower. You could see how he incrementally improved with each pass and after one practice session he was right there with the top drivers.

Tanner's driving and the car performed much better than his 28th qualifying position and 29th finishing position indicated and we are sure he will continue to improve as the season progresses.

With a top notch team, car and driver, look for some improving results as the season progresses.


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